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21st Century Diplomatic Report

The local government, in this case, the United Arab Emirates is the principal recipient of the diplomatic report. However, as per the universal guidelines regarding protocol and professionalism, the piece of witting must contain certain fundamental features. Firstly, each ministry should be easily indefinable as the holder or party to the document. It implies that distant recipients should familiarize with the locations and intentions of the report. Some of the primary issues of concern include (21st Century Diplomatic Report)

  • A standard format, such as the forte of good diplomat, that defines the technologically driven 21stc century.
  • A shift from the past decades implies shifting away from the incompatible systems and relying on modern forms.
  • The rationale for comprehensiveness and flexibility regards the need to reflect the ideals of a given state, in this case, the United Arab Emirates.
  • Periodic reports stand out from the rest and have been in existence for more than four decades. The most dramatic change in the overall administration of the government document includes the nature and amount of information to be included. Specifically, it does no mainly target a specified period but instead stresses a specific message as pert the issue at hand.
  • Cipher telegrams are some of the widely identifiable diplomatic reports, despite establishing protocol, the documents pass to multiple figures who are at the heart of addressing a particular issue, in this regard affecting the United Arab Emirate.
  • Apart from the conspicuous consideration for protocol and professionalism, diplomatic reports acknowledge the individual needs of the figures at the helm. The senior personality should align with the writing of the document in a way that suits the capacity of their offices.

It is also noted that there is a specific pattern to be observed in the drafting and ultimate printing of the diplomatic report. Apart from eliminating simple grammatical and formatting errors, it is important to ascertain adherence to protocol and professional standards. On the other hand, the situations necessitating the writing of the documents vary from one state to another. In this case, a person in the United Arab Emirates would want to ascertain adherence to the politics and standards of the country. Some of the most critical aspects in this regard include:

  • Diverse briefing notes, given that diplomatic report are written on short notice. It means that despite the critical importance of the document, it is written to deal with contentious issues often beyond the interventions of the local state. However, computers come in handy in the drafting of the document helping to reconcile various parts with the primary template.
  • The drafting process follows a predefined format, one that must not be altered by the writer. Even as one includes all the required information, failure to adhere to fundamental guidelines on formatting renders the report incompetent.
  • On the other hand, one the document is in the hands of the readers, it must be protected at all cost. Despite that fact that it is a public document, it is encouraged that it is only subscribed to specified individuals.
  • On the other hand, essential papers that make up the report must be articulated in a sensitive manner that suits the interest of the correspondents. It is done to improve the authenticity of the decisions resulting from the writing of the report. Other than a good flow of ideas, each section should address a specific issue.