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Analysis of an article


In many instances, the essence of medical practice has always been to offer medical interventions to people’s health needs. In this regard, medical practice treats diseases and helps alleviate the symptoms associated with those diseases. Sometimes, people tend to overlook the quality of life by making decisions that affect their health and well being. (Analysis of an article)


In this research, there was a randomized clinical trial that involved about 173 participants that had experiences of seasonal allergies. These groups had their blood samples tested (placebo,n= 37; probiotic,n= 35) periodically. The analysis of the findings was used in drawing a conclusion of the results. In this regard, the research employed qualitative approaches through experimentation and interviewing.


From the analysis of this journal article, it is evident that people need to take urgent measures to have an early diagnosis of diseases whenever they realize certain changes in their bodies that can affect their health. According to Jennifer et al. (758), a carefully planned combination of probiotic improved rhinoconjunctivities helps prevent allergies when they come through in their season. Many people have allergic reactions whenever they eat certain foods or are exposed to certain environmental conditions.

The authors of this article have explained the essence of having a proper management of allergies. The authors say that there has been a steady rise and prevalence of allergic reactions as having been noted in the population that was sampled. Some of these allergies have the potential of affecting the people’s quality of life in different ways. It is important for people to ensure that they have enough sleep and peace because it can be a cause of allergic reactions. Some of the allergies that are associated with reduced or lack of sleep as well as emotional stress.


Finally, it is important to acknowledge the influence of medical interventions in preventing diseases. Therefore, people need to take the necessary precautions in ensuring that their health and well being is well-taken care off.

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