Communication Barriers and Strategies for Circumventing or Eliminating Those Barriers December 28, 2017 – Posted in: Essay Help Online

Communication Barriers and Strategies for Circumventing or Eliminating Those Barriers

(Communication barriers).In this case study, there is a breakdown of communication that would have helped to address the prevailing challenge. One of the barriers in communication between Denny and Cynthia is their differences in viewpoints and perception. On the one hand, Cynthia is the only available science expert who knows what she needs. However, she expects that Denny, owing to his vast experience in developing instructional materials, should understand and undertake the project. Denny has a different perception over this task and hopes that it should be done differently. In solving the problem, it would be imperative for Cynthia and Denny to dialogue on the merits of this project. Cynthia should be patient in understanding the challenge Denny is facing. Linn and Eylon (2011) believe that science is a practical subject, which can only be taught best using effective instructional materials. The development of these projects requires the creative inputs from all the concerned stakeholders.

The Importance of Matching Delivery Mode, Media, and Instructional Techniques to the Client and Learner Need

The essence of the learning process is to meet the needs of all the learners. According to Linn and Eylon (2011), in making their teaching aids, science instructors should match the aids with the instructional techniques. The need for matching the mode of delivery, media, and instructional techniques is essential in ensuring that the needs of the learners are effectively addressed in the teaching and learning process. It allows the learners to follow keenly in the learning process while connecting the concepts with those illustrated in the teachings aids. Linn and Eylon (2011) say that during the development process, instructors should pay keen attention in achieving this objective. This explains why Denny and Cynthia need to harmonize their ideas and perspectives in making the instructional materials for the science teachers.


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