Equator Consumer Brands


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Equator Consumer Brands


  • Project background/objective: provides a high level overview/description of the project and what is included in this project management plan
  • Explain and evaluate critically the method of project evaluation and selection
  • Create communication plan
  • Prepare statement of work (scope statement)
  • Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project. Ideally this should contain about 20activities so that your work is neither too trivial nor too tedious. Create the responsibility matrix.
  • Prepare for the duration of the project. Identify the critical path, create network diagram and Gantt chart, and identify activities that can be delayed without affecting the entire project duration.
  • Explain and evaluate critically a method for producing an estimate of the cost element shown in your breakdown structure (WBS). Generate a cost for each element in the WBS.
  • Prepare risk management plan for the project.
  • Report should be clearly structured and written and references need to be provided.


  1. Project Plan Report:

  • Cover page includes title of the project, and team members names and IDs
  • 1 ½ spaced and free of typographical errors
  • Font types: Times New Roman, Font size : 12
  • Well-arranged Appendices and References at the end of the report (if any).
  • The report should be sent through email and should also submit the hard copy.
  • Project will checked through Turnitin and if the similarity index is higher than 20% then on each increase level 1 mark will be deducted.
  1. Presentation:

  • Create PP slides
  • Deliver 20 minutes presentation
  • Hand in hardcopy of the PP slides on the day of submission

Marking Scheme


No. Item/ Requirements Max Mark Student Mark
1. Project Background/introduction 15  
2. Project selection 5  
3. Communication plan 5  
4. Scope statement 10  
5. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project.

Responsibility matrix.

6. Cost estimation 10  
7. Risk management plan 15  
8. Report clarity, structure, references 10  
9. Presentation 15  
Total 100  



  • This project has 100 marks which represents 40 % weight of the total course mark.
  • Students are advised to stick to the due date of submission to avoid penalty. Marks will be deducted for each day of late submission up to a maximum of five working days, thereafter it will not be accepted.


Title; Equator Consumer Brands

Length; 11 pages

Style: APA