Relocation Camps Exhibit


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Relocation Camps Exhibit


FALL 2017


The writing assignment for Political Science 1 is to visit the Japanese American National Museum in the Little Tokyo section of downtown Los Angeles on your own time.  The Museum contains a vivid display of the Relocation Camps from World War II as well as other information on Japanese-American history.

This assignment requires that you answer the following questions about the Relocation Camps Exhibit and its consequences.

  1. What was the main reason for targeting the Japanese American community? Was this reason based on fact or hysteria?  Explain your decision.
  2. Explain the Constitutional issues the incarceration of the Japanese created? How were these issues solved?  Was this resolution fair in your opinion?  Support your case.
  3. Did other actions of the Japanese community offset the negative actions of the government in this issue in service to their country? How did the community survive this crisis?
  4. In your view, what type of actions should the U.S. government have taken?

This SLO requires that you utilize both critical thinking and writing skills. Only recognized texts and museum material may be used. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for this assignment.

You are to write a three to five page essay answering the above listed questions.Please include a cover page. Thetext of the paper is double spaced.The cover page is not part of the pages of writing.The exam is worth 200 points.

The Japanese- American National Museum is located at the junction of First Street and Central Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.  Parking in the Little Tokyo area is quite expensive, so public transportation is a good idea.  The Museum charges $12.00 without your student i.d. card.  With the i.d. card (Lancer card), the price is $ 6.00.The free day is usually the third Thursday evening of each month.  Please check with the Museum staff.

Japanese American National Museum,369 E. 1st. Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012



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