Reader Centered Strategies August 17, 2018 – Posted in: Essay Help Online, Free Essay Help Online

 Reader Centered Strategies website is mostly centered on both the usability and persuasive strategies. There is a sound connection between the owners of the site and random visitors. Some of the principal characteristics of the website include ease of use and provision for inquiries. These features enable even the new users to navigate through the website effectively and utilize its functions optimally depending on their needs. Good usability also makes it easy to find specific information that the users need. The website provides for people’s needs through customizable searches.(Reader centered strategies)


On the other hand, usability is closely related to the level of support available to the users. Based on the author’s overview of, it is clear that users can have a one-on-one connection with the website’s support, especially in situations of urgent need. The persuasive strategies are also at the heart of the website – it can clearly be seen in the company’s emphasis on customer satisfaction. Other than allowing the visitors to detail their specifications, there are clear descriptions of different products (Anderson 14). The site also supports both the new and active clients, largely due to flexible interfaces. It also has unique physical features such as bright colors and elaborate displays to influence the perceptions of the customers.

However, the website needs to improve on the part of usability strategies. Despite the existing successes, there is still room for improving competitiveness, especially given the fact many other individuals and businesses are continually using online platforms for various needs. Some of the specific areas of improvement include providing room for building user profiles and increasing the amount of visitor support. The provision would make it easier to support the interest of the new users as well as provide comprehensive services.