November 8, 2020

Heart Disease and Oral Health

Heart Disease and Oral Health Delta Dental identifies two critical connections between oral health and heart disease. The first one regards gum disease, one of the leading incidences of oral condition troubling the population across the globe. Those grappling gum infections are said to be more vulnerable to heart-related problems compared to those with other kinds of oral issues (p. […]
November 8, 2020

Performance Improvement Plan

Performance Improvement Plan Areas of Concern The faculty has noted, with great concern, a tenured teacher who is no longer meeting performance expectations. The employee used to align with the standards that have been put in place by the faculty throughout the years. Time management is one of the critical issues pertaining to the teacher and is a core of […]
November 6, 2020

Military Operations

Military Operations The Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) encompasses Military operations, which are human endeavors conducted in unknown, and vital operational surroundings to attain a political objective. The Army’s structure for coordinating and putting control, and command into action is called the operations process. Planning, preparing, executing, and assessing continuously together comprise the process of operations. During the competition periods of […]
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